Life may not always give you what you want, but it will always give you what you need (02/06/2020)


These days I do a lot of self-reflection on the life I have lived so far. This process often brings me a deep appreciation of the wisdom contained in the some of the sayings I read and heard over the years.

In the last few days, the one which has come up the most is this saying: Life may not always give you what you want, but it will always give you what you need. When I first came across this saying several years ago, I immediately agreed to the first half, but I just couldn’t understand what the second half meant.

The key issue was the meaning of ‘what you need’. At the time I thought it meant what I thought I needed. Based on that assumption, I could easily prove the second half was wrong. Just look at those bad things which happened to me, such as my husband’s long term illness, our financial struggle, etc. I never wanted any of them!

So what is the real meaning of ‘what you need’?

In the last 3 years, I was guided to some excellent spiritual books, which suit my needs perfectly. According those books, ‘what you need’ doesn’t refer to what I think I need at all. Instead it refers to what I need to grow spiritually. Which sometimes is very different from what I think I need.

For example, I may think I need more money. But want I need to grow spiritually may be the opposite. Then life will make sure that I have the opposite. This is exactly what I have been experiencing in the last ten and half years.

Why is it so? It is so because human experience is designed to help us to evolve spiritually. To achieve this target, life has to give us what we need to grow.

With this understanding, I actually start to understand why those bad things happened to me and my husband. Let me give you some examples.

My husband has had two big financial hits in the last 11 years. Both are IT related. There’s a deep reason for this. My husband has been a top IT expert for decades, and he has hated IT for almost equal length of time. He hates it so much that he keeps wanting to get out.

His wish was granted, but not in the way he wanted. He wanted to earn a lot of money for us, then retire. But life took him on to another path, which was not very nice to experience, but leading to the same destination.

I have had the intention to get out of translation for many years. Similar to my husband, my wish was granted as well. But it was reached by a path which I would never have chosen by myself.

We are two-fold beings. Each of us is both a human and a spirit. The person has many dreams, wants and desires. But the spirit only has one goal, which is to evolve. Whether the person wants it or not, the spirit will attract the people and circumstances which are the best for its evolvement.

Therefore, the most delightful way to go through our human experience is to go with the flow of life., and embrace whatever life throws at us with an open heart. This will enable us to receive the maximum amount of guidance and help from our spirit, who is the best advisor you can hope for. Because it can see the big picture which we can’t see, and it has full access to the ocean of universal wisdom and resources. Most importantly, it loves us dearly.

The cunning ego (01/06/2020)


Yesterday morning whilst I was doing my morning positivity session, I suddenly had a thought (or was given a thought by Spirit) that I should search online for a book called The Handbook to Higher Consciousness.

It’s a spiritual book which not only teaches spirituality in a simple yet profound way, but also provides step-by-step methods to help readers to grow into higher centers of consciousness, in order to live a happy and peaceful life.

I borrowed this book from the local library probably 3 years ago. I liked it so much that I read it cover to cover 3 times, and also typed some paragraphs into a Word document, so that I could read them again and again.

I have been reading those pages, which I typed before, in the last few weeks, in order to aid my spiritual growth. They did help. But because they are only extracts, underlying theory is not intact. Therefore, I longed to re-read this whole book.

That sudden thought was probably the answer from Spirit. I took action immediately. I was very lucky that I got the pdf of the whole book without any effort at all. As soon as the downloading was finished, I started reading the book. I have spent a lot of hours on this book in the last 2 days. It has helped me to raise my vibration to a very high level and keep it there almost continuously.

As a result, I have been feeling great in the past 2 days. I feel light, positive and very optimistic about my future. However, about 2 hours ago, I suddenly felt insecure again. The trigger was a very nice looking website.

I was doing a small translation project at the time. As part of my work, I had to do a lot of online research. I found this website when doing online research for a specific term. I don’t know why, but I suddenly started comparing my own humble blog with this beautifully presented sophisticated website, and I felt very insecure. I even had thoughts such as: what’s the point to keep writing those posts? My blog looks so shabby. No one would be interested in it any way. Why bother?

Fortunately I had enough conscious awareness, which enabled me to realize what was happening within minutes, at most. To interrupt this train of negative thought, I stopped what I was doing and went for a little walk in our back garden. Bathing in the sunlight and fresh air, my mind became clearer and I started to use one of the methods from the Handbook to Higher Consciousness book.

I started silently telling myself this: I don’t need to feel bad when I see a beautiful website. I don’t need to compare myself and my work to others and their work. I am unique. My work is valuable.

I kept repeating those sentencing in my head, and my mind started to relax. After 5-10 minutes of this exercise, I didn’t criticize myself anymore. Instead I had an urge to write about this experience so that others can benefit from it.

Ego is part of the human experience. It helps to control the amount of information passed onto our consciousness, which is an important job. But it also causes lots of pain and suffering for us, if we don’t consciously keep it under control.

Ego is very cunning. It has many tricks and they evolve as we evolve. Some of those tricks are cleverly disguised, therefore even someone who is well on their way to higher consciousness get stumbled over those tricks. I experienced one of them earlier today.

The key to see through ego’s games is to always remember that you are enough and you are as good as everyone else.

It may not be what you think it is (01/06/2020)


Our toilet had had a leaking problem for a few months. The symptom was that after the flush button was pressed, there was water leaking into the toilet. Sometimes the leakage stopped after a while, maybe 10-15 minutes. Sometimes, the leakage would not stop until I did something to stop it.

I often used the following method to stop the leaking. The button has two components. One is for number 1. The other is for number 2. I discovered that when I put pressure on the right point of one of the components, the leakage would stop. The problem was that it was just a vague feeling. Sometimes I got it right the first time. Other times, it took me quite a few attempts before I hit the right spot, which was quite irritating when I was performing an urgent project.

On those really unlucky occasions, it took quite a lot of self control to not get annoyed. Therefore I quite often used this as an opportunity to practice my conscious awareness. However, it did trigger a desire to fix it and that desire became stronger each time I went through the undesirable experience.

About a week ago, I reached my limit. I had a quite busy and stressful day, then I encountered this recurring issue again. I lost it. I felt I couldn’t take it anymore. So I asked my husband to order a new flushing mechanism to fix this problem.

After a few days we received the product. It took my husband quite a lot of effort to replace the old one with the new one. When it was all done, we discovered that we now had a new problem on top of the old one – the little float, which was supposed to move to the upper position to stop filling the tank with more water when water level reached certain height, did not do what it was supposed to do. In other words, we had to manually move it to the higher position, otherwise the tank would overflow.

Of course, the water still leaked into the toilet after the flush button was pressed. By then, my husband was already exhausted (don’t forget, he was still very ill and had done quite a lot in the narrow space between the sink and toilet). So we decided to call our landlord.

Then something very unexpected happened. At about a quarter past ten that night, I went to toilet. After I flushed the toilet, my right hand suddenly had an unintended movement. Somehow it hit a delicate part of the new mechanism my husband installed a few hours ago, which looked like a little fork with a strange handle. It hit it so hard that the little plastic component fell into the tank.

I thought to myself, ‘Shit, I broke it!’ I picked it up and managed to put it back to its original place. I didn’t really know how they fitted together. So I just guessed and did my best. Then I went downstairs and told my husband that I might have broken the new mechanism. He said, ‘Don’t worry about it. The landlord is going to send someone to repair it anyway.’

In the next two days, I closely observed our toilet. To my surprise, it seemed that it was working fine. Yesterday I messaged our landlord asking them not to send anyone, because the toilet had fixed itself.

Yesterday afternoon, I put the lid back onto the water tank of the toilet. Then the old problem returned. When I removed the lid and used the round disk (which was directly under the push button of the lid) on the mechanism to flush the toilet, the problem disappeared again.

I was confused, but I didn’t mention it to my husband. I moved onto other tasks, but this puzzle stayed in the background of my mind. A few hours later, when I was watching TV with my husband I suddenly understood the answer for the big ‘Why’. The reason was very simple: something wasn’t quite right with the round disk on the flushing mechanism.

It only worked properly when being pushed in the middle, which was what I did when the lid was removed. This was not easily achieved when the lid was on. Because the push button had two halves. Therefore when you push either half, you are not pushing the middle of the disk, therefore the leak.

After this realization I deeply regret that I have asked my husband to buy and install the new mechanism, which cost £13 (which is quite a lot for us at the moment) and a lot of physical pain for my husband. All of them could have been easily avoided if I didn’t jump into conclusion before I had done a thorough investigation.

Why am I writing about something so trivial? Because the underlying lesson of this trivial matter can be applied to other bigger issues in life.

How many times have you jumped into conclusion and made an unwise decision which you deeply regret afterwards? I have done that a lot of times, including after I have become a lot more aware of what’s happening within and without.

How to avoid making the same mistake again? Don’t solely rely on your senses and thought. Look at the facts. Why? Because things are not always what / how we think they are. Sometimes the real cause of a problem is very different from the apparent cause, like our toilet leaking problem.

Emotional disturbance (30/05/2020)


I have just been through another one of those emotional disturbances. It started from yesterday and is coming to an end just now.

It was triggered by the upcoming spending on our car (MOT plus possible repairs, as well as road tax), which will probably be quite a few hundred pounds. For us, that’s a lot of money. We can hardly afford it, but we have to keep our car. Because without a car, going to hospitals would be very expensive, practically out of our reach.

This money worry triggered my worries for other things, such as my husband’s upcoming operation which may have serious undesirable consequences, such as long term memory loss and confusion, etc. In no time, I was trapped in a web of worries.

Thanks to all the positive work I’ve been doing on myself, I realized what was happening before it was too late. To distract myself from the unhappy feeling, I suspended my study and went to the back garden to enjoy a few minutes of sunshine and fresh air.

Fresh air always makes me feel better. Sunshine almost has magic power on me. It feels like sunlight can melt any of my dark emotions as easily as butter on a smoking hot frying pan. It works and it’s quick. After that, I returned to my little office and did a few minutes of positive work on myself (such as doing positive affirmations, imaging living the life I wanted to have, etc.)

I repeated the process above every couple of hours to keep moving my vibrations from the low end (negative) to the high end (positive). In addition, I praised myself for every little achievement I had, such as a good meal I cooked, a good response I provided in a challenging situation, etc.

After almost two days of intensive work, I’m back to the calm and peaceful space with which I have deeply fallen in love.

Looking back, it’s almost hard to believe that I have come such a long way and am approaching the end of the dark tunnel.

36 Years ago, I wished with all my heart that one day I would be free of emotional pain. I’m not there yet, but I’m getting closer and closer every day. More importantly, 90-95% of the mountain of pain is gone. And most of the time, the residual pain is not noticeable.

If you ask me how I have achieved this, all I can say is this: I have gone through a process. There’s no secret. It’s just a process, like life itself.

Emotional disturbance is part of the creation. It’s as natural as wind, trees, grass, etc. Don’t be afraid of it, especially do not try to avoid it. Because you can’t avoid the emotions which you are supposed to experience. Avoidance will only make the next encounter more undesirable. So take a deep breath and face what you have to face, and work on yourself to eliminate the root cause. That’s the only way out.

The way out of pain is through it.

Savoring the moment (29/05/2020)


I have been busy for as long as I can remember. Busy to make a good living, and to pursue my dreams. Because of this almost instinctive way of life I have adopted, I had never really savored life until very recently. I was always living for the future. By doing that, life passed me by, and I felt something very important was missing from my life. I asked the universe to help me find the missing puzzle.

It did. It presented me a few challenges: serious financial problems, my husband’s severe illness and COVID. The high possibility of my husband’s death has forced to re-evaluate my beliefs and lifestyle. Thanks to the spiritual teachings I have learned, I reviewed all the important facts and issues in my life with complete honesty. The result shocked me. I never spent enough time to be with my husband, who I believe is the most important person in my life!

Because I assumed that we would be together forever, or at least one of us dies, which would be at least 30-40 years away. COVID and my husband’s serious health issues mean that he may die in the near future, even tomorrow, because his immune system is extremely weak, and it will become even weaker after his operation which will happen in the next few weeks.

This harsh reality forced me to rethink the priority of the tasks I have to perform everyday. Fortunately my ACCA exam will not happen until early September, which gives me plenty of time to do other things along side my study. So I moved the task of Being with My Husband to the top of my daily to do list, and I have loyally followed it so far.

Now I spend at least 2 hours of quality time with him everyday, which means that I am totally aware during that period of time, rather than thinking about other things whilst sitting with him. The outcome is amazing!

For the first time in my life, I truly understand what ‘Savoring the Moment’ means. It means experiencing the moment with all your being. When you do that with another person, you’ll feel the deepest connection with them without even uttering a word! When you are in that state, there’s no ego, only pure love and peace. It’s a feeling which doesn’t belong to this physical world. There’s no blame, conflict, competition, comparison, only love and peace. It’s very healing.

In my normal state, I sometimes have negative feelings towards my husband, such as resentment, blame, etc. This is especially true when I feel tired or something triggered the residual fear within me, such as after a busy and challenging day, or I discovered that we had to pay for something we couldn’t really afford but had to have.

Now that the ‘Savoring the Moment’ program has been implemented for quite a few weeks, I notice that those negative feelings have been dramatically reduced. Even during a triggering event, I can still manage to stay calm and positive most of the time.

Do you want to know what real love feels like? Then give yourself some time to really savor the moment. That’s the doorway to eternal unconditional love.

All about love (28/05/2020)


If you have ever been interested in motivation or self-improvement, you will almost certainly know Tony Robbins and his famous program ‘Date with Destiny.’ Do you know how Tony got the inspiration to invent this highly regarded program which has helped millions of people change their lives?

Let me tell you a little story. At that time, Tony was already a very successful public speaker and entrepreneur. Although he was still a young man, he was bringing very large income which we average people can only dream of.

To do big events you need a team. The person who induced the birth of this great program was one of Tony’s best managers. He empties the bank account of Tony’s company, and Tony couldn’t pay his bills. Tony’s initial reaction was similar to everyone else’s. He was angry and he felt he was a victim. But he didn’t stay in that state.

He did some intensive self work and managed to calm himself down. Then he asked himself a very important question: What good can come out of this seeming disastrous situation? No answer. So he asked another question: What do I enjoy doing the most? The answer came immediately: help others to become the best version of themselves. This also triggered a train of thought, which gave birth to his highly regarded program, Date with Destiny.

Although I have never been to any of Tony’s Date with Destiny events, I did have a little taste of it by watching a documentary called ‘Tony Robbins: I am not your guru’. It gave a snapshot on a real event. It captured a few face to face interactions between Tony and some participants, who were facing different problems which they could not resolve on their own.

Tony offered them practical solutions to their problems. He even offered to help to train a desperate 26 years old young woman, who had a very traumatic background and wanted to kill herself, so that she can do what he was doing one day. It was so touching that lots of participants cried. Even I felt the tightening of my chest.

Throughout the whole event, I felt love and saw the evidence of it everywhere. That’s why Tony has had such a long successful career. He is not just a talented public speaker, who knows how to make people feel passionate about what he’s talking about. He is much more than that. He wins the world over by sharing his love with those who need it. Love is his secret weapon.

Why is love so powerful and desirable? Because that’s what we are made of. We are love, therefore we are attracted to love. Then why don’t we feel love all the time? We don’t feel love because we close our heart a lot of times (to some people, it’s almost all the time.)

We think with our heart closed, we will not feel the pain and we will not feel vulnerable. That is not true (I’m going to discuss this subject at another time). More importantly, when your heart is closed, you won’t be able to feel your essence, which is love. Is it worth it?

A house that challenges the definition of a house (27/05/2020)


A few nights ago we watched some episodes of season 2 of The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes. Two houses impressed me the most for their extraordinary beauty and imaginative designs.

The first one was a house which doesn’t look like a traditional house, rather a group of scattered rooms connected by open corridors.

The house was located on the top of a mountain. The plot was not flat. It had quite a few ups and downs as well as bends, which reminded me of English roads. The architects wanted to fully take advantage of the stunning natural scenery. Therefore they didn’t change the natural terrain. In stead, they designed this unusually shaped house based on the natural landscape of the plot.

They put bedrooms, living room, kitchen and bathroom at the flatter places, and they were connected by some very artistic looking open corridors, which run through the uneven bits of the land. The corridors did have a roof and stairs, but there were no walls. Because of that, those corridors didn’t obstruct the natural scenery at all. In stead they added beauty to the natural environment with their cleverly designed artistic appearance.

Even those rooms which did have four walls were designed in such a way that they became part of the natural environment.

That house was a real beauty. The only criticism I had was the safety concern: what would happen if I accidentally slipped on the stairs of one of those open corridors? Since there was no wall to stop me, I may roll quite a long way down the mountain, which would not be a very pleasant experience.

But from the beauty point of view, that house was impeccable. It was a piece of art, rather than a human shelter.

The second one was a house floating in the air. How could that happen?

Let me explain. It was actually sitting on a platform supported by some slim but sturdy columns. The architect chose this design and location to meet the owner’s request: I want to be able to get a certain view of this specific spot from the windows of my home, and I want my home to be situated among rocks and trees.

To me the most extraordinary thing about this house is that one of its rooms had a big rock as one of its walls. No, you did not misread. I did mean a big rock serving as a wall of the room. I hate to think how much more energy is needed to warm up that room because of this very unusual rock wall.

All of its windows had stunning views. One of the bedrooms was surrounded by trees in 3 directions. The only direction which didn’t have trees was the one facing the inner house. When you were in that room, you could easily have this misperception: you were sitting in one of those trees. How amazing is that?

Another thing which was great was that because the house was located in a place which was rarely visited by humans, it enjoyed extreme tranquility. I would certainly enjoy some really deep meditations there!

Having seen these truly extraordinary and unconventional houses, I can’t help but ask myself this question: how far can human imagination go?

Healing power of nature (26/05/2020)


Recently the weather has been great here. We have had sunny days for almost a week. Therefore I go to our back garden to do a little physical exercise whist bathing in the sun almost everyday. I thoroughly enjoy those moments.

I already had two sets of exercise today. The last one happened shortly before I started writing this post. To fully experience the magic of nature, I normally close my eyes whist moving my body in the way which felt the most natural and comfortable. The combination of the sunshine and the gentle wind made me temporarily forget all my earthly problems. I almost felt that I was an innocent young girl again.

When every fiber of my being was eagerly soaking up what the moment was offering, my gently moving hands felt the flow of the finer energies. It felt like my skin was in touch with the most comfortable and gentle substance in the world. There was even a prickling feeling, like what you get from a very weak electric current, on my finger tips. It was truly beautiful.

There was also an extra bonus: I got inspiration for two new posts, including this one. Isn’t that wonderful?

That’s what nature does. It’s healing and magical, but you have to be still enough to get into its frequency to benefit from this amazing power.

I accidentally discovered nature’s healing power many years ago when my life was a total mess.

At the time I was carrying lots of long-term emotional pain and didn’t know what to do with it other than pretending that it didn’t exist. I was also facing a lot of challenges professionally, because I was still relatively new to the job. In addition, I was growing apart from my ex-husband but didn’t know what to about the situation. Plus I had some serious conflicts with my parents.

In short, my life was like a war zone. Peace was almost impossible. Fortunately, I did find a way to escape from the mess almost every day. It was a long walk to an open river bank park nearby. I went there almost everyday just after lunch. The population density of that area was very low. Therefore I rarely met anyone. As a result, it felt like that I was enjoying a walk in my own private park.

Although the park was not very big, it had everything: trees, rock formations, river and sand beach. Beijing’s weather was mostly dry and sunny. Quite often I was so immersed in the pleasant moment that the ‘I’ disappeared. Without the host, the unwelcoming guests (i.e. my problems) had to go. As a result, all that left was a liberated happy being.

That walk was like an energy recharge. On my way back, I always felt lighter, happier and stronger.

Look back, I can’t help but think: what would have happened, if I didn’t have that daily escape? I probably had emotionally and mentally collapsed before I had a chance to meet my current husband.

Currently my back garden is serving a similar purpose. It’s not as impressive as that river bank park in Beijing, but it still provides the opportunity to connect with nature and receive its healing.

No matter how bad I may feel, after 5 minutes of breathing fresh air, watching the beautiful blue sky and green trees, and listening to birds singing in my little garden, I normally feel ok again.

Fast-paced modern life presents lots of pressure and stress to every one. Sometimes, it feels that we are being swallowed by our problems, and we have to fight really hard just to get enough air to survive. If you ever feel this way, go to nature and ask for healing. She will never let you down.

A very unusual experience (25/05/2020)


In the early hours of this morning, I had a very unusual experience.

I woke up at about 6 am with a strange sensation in my lower belly. It was like the kind of muscle pain you would feel when you need to go to toilet, but not quite. I went to toilet anyway just in case.

I sat on the toilet for quite a while, but nothing came out, not even gas. So I gave up and went back to bed. I normally get up at about 6:30 to 7:00 in the morning nowadays. But last night I really struggled with sleep. I only managed to fall into sleep at about 2:15 am, which was caused by pure exhaustion, because I did about two hours of intensive accounting study before that. Therefore I needed more sleep.

It took me a while to fall back into sleep. Whilst I was lying in bed half awake half sleep, I felt the stomach pain was getting better, and I could feel some gentle movement inside that area. I suddenly realized that my body was releasing some trapped energy, which caused the discomfort.

It might have been triggered by the amazing program I watched a few hours earlier, which was called ‘Tony Robbins: I am not your guru’. It was a documentary about Tony Robbins and his famous self-development program, ‘Date with Destiny’, which I read about and heard about from his own books and speeches, as well as other people’s articles and speeches.

It was very good and very touching. It only showed a few face-to-face counseling Tony did with a few participants who had very different problems. I found all of them powerful and compelling.

The one, where a 19 years old young woman revealed the anger she had had towards her father, reminded the problems I had had with my own father. The one, where the 26 years old young woman who grew up in a community called ‘Children of God’ (which forced children as young as 6 to engage sex with others and witness other people having sex), shocked me and also inspired deep compassion within myself. The compassion was so strong that if I was in a position to give her some help, either money or something else, I would, without any hesitation.

The one, where Tony encouraged a young man to see his true self, a strong and confident man, rather than a weak wimpy man which he was conditioned to believe by years of bullying from his own father (who was bullied by his own wife), reminded me of those moments when I realized for the first time of life that I was smart, strong and beautiful, which was the complete opposite to what was bullied to believe.

It was not only an emotional experienced, but also awakened something deep inside . It even triggered the release of the trapped energy which might have been held in prison for years.

I also received another gift. Just before I went back to sleep, I had a moment of total clarity, which was like a blue sky with no cloud. There was no thought, just a clear message: You need to write an excellent book at first, then you will see the path.

For some reason, I immediately knew that it was the answer to a question I asked quite a few times recently and hadn’t received an answer until that moment. As soon as I realized that, I immediately asked another question: What should I write? There was no answer.

I repeated this question after I woke up again a few hours later, but still no answer. I guess I’ll have to be patient and believe that I will receive the answer when the time is right.

For now, I’ll have to carry on doing what I have been doing in the last few weeks, writing my daily inspiration posts to prepare myself for the next stage.

I know this is the right thing, because it brings me the deep peace.

Change what you can, and accept what you can’t. (24/05/2020)


I read this wise statement somewhere many years ago, but only started to understand its deep meaning and practice it in my life very recently. This has transformed my life and how I feel.

The first part is very easy to understand and do, at least for me that’s the case. I’m naturally inclined to take action to improve my life. Even when I have no idea what to do, I would go searching for the answer, normally through reading, as you would expect from a book worm like me.

It has served me very well. I have successfully changed my career and become a professional linguist. I have successfully lost about 10 kg of body weight (which is a lot considering my height is only about 1.6 m) and have been slim for over 15 years now. I have also successfully gotten rid of my emotional pain and become a much stronger, happier person with a lot more self-confidence as a result.

The second part of the statement totally goes against my nature. Because I am naturally stubby and strong willed. Therefore, in my natural state, I find it almost impossible to accept something which I don’t like, whether I can or can’t change it. As a result, I could not understand of the wisdom of the second part, let alone practising it, for a long time.

For example, I don’t like to be poor and not successful professionally, and I find it very difficult to accept the concept that where I am right here and now is perfect for my growth, therefore should be accepted unconditionally (which is a fundamental element of spiritual teaching).

I understood those words perfectly, but I just could not accept it emotionally and mentally. Because of that resistance, I was stuck and miserable. I was very unhappy with the situation I was in, but I couldn’t change it either.

Fortunately I didn’t give up because of that. I just kept going. I still read the spiritual materials I have collected over the years, as well as did meditation and positive affirmations every day.

To easy my resistance, I added a new statement to my daily affirmations. I affirmed to myself that I was willing to give up my resistance and accept what I don’t like but can’t change.

There wasn’t a sudden realisation. In stead, I experienced gradual improvement. As time passed on, the resistance I felt lessened, until one day I discovered that the resistance wasn’t there any more. I just accepted where I was at that moment. I still didn’t like it, but I didn’t resent it or feel bad about it anymore.

The release of that resistance has created so much space in my mind, and I don’t feel I am trapped or stuck any more. I literally feel a lot lighter. Only the word ‘liberation’ can touch the great feeling I feel!

Do you want to unstuck yourself? Then try to accept what you can’t change and focus on what you can.